If I am not painting in my studio, I will be found in the garden.

My paintings are inspired by the colour, wildness and creativity of gardens.  I use old traditional style to creating oil paintings on canvas. My work draws your eyes in, then asks you to think about what you value the most in colours and beauty of nature. I believe that these modern, timeless tasteful and messy at times, gardens demand to be examined by every inch, flowers in particular. To me gardens represents delicacy yet bravery at the same time, innocent flowers bloom despite knowing how harsh and cruel the surroundings and weather can be, but they bloom and spread fragrance to attract butterflies and other pollinators, and do their job to keep the show going year after year. This series of painting is called, “Gardens of Australia.” All the paintings are inspired by gardens designed and created by gardeners in different parts of Australia. I hope this beautiful splash or colour and beauty of my art brings you as much joy it bought to me. 
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia